Resident Resources

Annual Meeting and Board Nominations

The 2022 Annual Meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 20, at 7:00pm at the DFHC Pool. Every year, 3 Board positions come up for election. Two current Board members have opted to run again for the Board. The Nominating Committee did not receive a third nomination. Therefore, there is still 1 seat open at this year’s election. If you have been thinking of serving on the community, please consider adding your name as a write-in on the ballot or running from the floor while attending the meeting in-person. If you are not sure you want to serve a full 3-year term, feel free to express your interest at the meeting or via email to the Board as we also have 3 open seats which are not up for election this year which the Board can fill by majority vote. These positions would only entail a 1 or 2 year commitment.

By now you should have received your Annual Meeting materials including ballot and proxy form either by email or snail mail. If you have not or have misplaced them, below are both along with other meeting materials. If you will not be attending the meeting in person, please follow the instructions for the proxy form carefully – any ballot received via email or snail mail without a proxy cannot be counted for the election. If you will be attending in person, please bring your ballot with you to fill out at the meeting so as to be able to vote for any candidates of your choosing who may run from the floor. Also below is a link to a document which may help you understand some of the duties of a Board member.

We look forward to seeing you on the 20th.

Need to repaint or repair, or curious when you can put that old dresser out for collection?

Here, on the side menu, you’ll find digital copies of forms and guidelines, information on our committees, neighborhood watch, and a schedule of services as well as upcoming board meetings.

Want to get in touch with more of your neighbors?

Diamond Farm has a growing number of residents on Nextdoor, a social media platform for communities and neighborhoods to keep in touch with one another.  Advertise items and services for sale, get updates on community activities, or just chat about all the great things going on!

Review the tree inventory conducted by ETC, LLC!

Recently, we commissioned a full inventory of the trees on our common property: their types, relative age, and condition, as well as a recommendation for maintenance plans over the next few years.  You can download the 28.9MB archive of maps and data: DFHC Tree Inventory.