• Guest Space Parking Policy

    • Effective 2/15/20 all vehicles in Guest parking spaces must have a parking pass (hang tag) displayed between 2-6am to avoid being towed.  To request a pass, please fill out this form and email it to the parking address below. Each household is entitled to only one parking pass.
    • Parking in a Guest space is limited to 48 hours. Any vehicles parked for more than 48 hours are subject to towing.
    • To report a City violation, such as parking in a fire lane, along curbs, or double-parking, you may contact the Gaithersburg Police at 301-258-6400 or submit an online form through the Citizen Information in Traffic Enforcement (CITE) program here.
    • To report a Diamond Farm violation, such as parking in a guest spot for over 48 hours, please email  Please include the vehicle make and model, approximate location, and relevant time/date information.
  • Architectural Guidelines (revised May 2021)